We are a Colombian company created and developed with high quality and wide experience in order to achieve a constant global improvement with performance and reduction in the total cost of the logistic chain.


Advice and satisfaction is a compromise with our customers with outstanding support and quality of service, It is based on our human talent that we can instantly demonstrate reliable and effective solutions by maximizing resources.


Our mission is to create logistic intelligent procedures and solutions that give an extra mile to the service.

We have specialized ourselves IN PROJECT CARGO and in the management of special big projects door to door, in assembles and disassembles of complex companies and manufacturing plants, with extra dimensions and extra weighted pieces.

Our services philosophy

Our commitment is to be the most successful logistic supplier worldwide.

Our clients satisfaction is guranted by means of the leadership of our human talent and the development of top technology, which allows us to offer reliable permanent information. These factors allow an asurement that our services fulfill the highest standards of quality and productivity. Our commitment and personalized service allow that you concentrate in what you do better: Expand your business.​

What is Logistics ?

is the process of managing strategically the transformation, movement and storage of raw materials (commodities) and / or finished products (and it's flow of information), through the best supplier in order to generate the wished levels of profitability, quality and service at the most suitable cost in agreement with the needs of the client​

 Our Partnerships 

AC Logistics has an ally in every place in the world and qualified suppliers who are born with the vision to plan and build a complete logistics chain opportunities that allow, through a detailed study analyzing all the possibilities in an array to provide our customers the optimal solution.​

Partnership Benefits

Through our network of agents offer reliability, support and commitment to contribute in this way to enable our customers to follow the golden rule of international logistics:

Transporting the right product in the required amount to the agreed place right on time and at the lowest cost




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